Leadership & Coaching

Leadership and Coaching

Leadership Development

Our program is focused on "real-world" challenges that the organisation faces. We help build the leadership capacity within your organisation by taking a group of your managers on a program that is spread over 6-8 months. We help these managers assess their style and capabilities through a diagnostic framework, coach them on the dilemmas they will face when they move into a more senior role, assist them with performance conversations, group/team building and guide them through processes involving cultural and structural change. A major focus of the program is each individual planning where they want to take their part of the organisation, and how they are going to get there, and then submitting those plans to their peers and senior managers.

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaches develop individual players for success by constructing new ways to achieve their goals. In a team context, coaches plan strategies for success, and synergise the talents and efforts of the team. They draw from each player their best performance. Coaches gain credibility not by being "better" than their players, but by helping players and teams be better than they already are. Coaching is for a whole range of players, including players who are more skilful than their coaches. When managers realise this, they become more confident in actually coaching their staff, focusing on where they need to develop next, rather than being anxious about their own perceived deficiencies.

How we can help

We can provide one-to-one coaching to individual managers and team leaders. When organisations invest in coaching training for their managers, they receive significant organisational leverage for a small investment. That is why we also offer programs for groups of managers within the same organisation so that a "coaching culture" is established. Managers will develop coaching skills that foster their people’s learning, competence, flexibility and commitment. They are given a framework that allows them to examine self-limiting patterns in themselves and their players, and the means to redraw those patterns.