Planning & Change Management

Planning and Change Management



We work extensively with organisations to support creative and effective business and strategic planning, and to facilitate group processes. We help leaders choose robust strategies that are aligned to the realities of their current environment, and ensure their organisation has or can get the right people and resources to execute it. We enable them to reflect on their past challenges and achievements, identify current organisational issues, assess their environment and make sound decisions about where next to put their energies and resources.

In strategic planning, we use lively and engaging processes in working with organisations to develop their vision, and then to build their strategic plans, block by block, to meet it. We know from experience that when this vision and the steps to realising it are imagined and made concrete, even the most complex strategy comes alive and can be articulated in one page. And then the roll-out begins - no strategy delivers results unless it is converted into concrete actions - see "Managing Change", below.

Managing Change

Effective management processes stress both the "cultural" side of change management, AND the “business” side of the process. We help you to develop and polish the vision, detail the parts people will play in the change, establish a sense of urgency, specify the changes as they are currently known at the same time as attending to personal and social impacts. We work beside you in the management of a given change in your organisation, and simultaneously train your managers in the process, a training that will stand them in good stead in future change processes.